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Fifty percent of ERP implementations fail because of people and change management issues. Our change management team implements key strategies to align the entire organization and break down barriers to change. By focusing on goal alignment, executive leadership commitment, employee readiness, and user adoption, we ensure that all organizational areas work in concert to deliver the desired future state.

Our change management approach is built on our Milestone Deliverable methodology of goal orientation, measurement, and tangible deliverable. This means that you will always know whether key stakeholders are meeting their adoption targets and what actions are needed to assure alignment.


Before starting your technology implementation project, we map out change management strategies to ensure adoption and sustainment. For each impacted internal and external stakeholder group, we prepare a change adoption plan and scorecard to chart their progression along the five stages of the Change Curve relative to the implementation plan. We also prepare key subsidiary plans and tools; including change teams, communications plans, training plans, and a risk and issues log.


Once you’ve started the implementation project, our team ensures that your key stakeholders meet their Acceptance and Readiness stage targets. We rate each stakeholder group’s progression on our change adoption scorecard. This provides a precise mechanism to surgically address resistance, barriers, and other change management issues.

We equip project team members with the tools they need to execute their mapping and piloting tasks, and to train and support end-users. We coach and train executives to make sure they’re ready to champion the project at cutover, even in the face of predictable business performance dips. Finally, we ensure that employees, customers, and vendors are trained and prepared for upcoming changes to their workflows.


Sustainment is the key to change adoption, business benefits realization, and the success of your digital transformation. We work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure that end-users and external stakeholders commit to working within the new technology and process frameworks. We help you establish front-line worker support mechanisms as well as positive and aligned executive messaging. We close the project by delivering the final change adoption scorecard and a briefing of lessons learned.

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