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Industry and Digital Transformation Consulting

We work with companies to plan and execute Industry 4.0 strategies that  deliver personalized products and customer experiences, enhanced operational efficiencies, improved workforce utilization, differentiating intelligence, and new revenue streams. Under our expert guidance, clients integrate critical information and operational technologies, including IoT, cloud, AI, robotics, control systems, and enterprise software systems such as ERP – with the goal of becoming operationally efficient and agile.

Interconnection enables software and machines to complete tasks more efficiently, while empowering our clients’ valuable human resources to make timely and effective decisions informed by deep analytics. Companies that digitally transform with our support become more efficient, agile, and responsive to new market opportunities.


While 70% of companies believe Industry 4.0 is critical to their future,  only 15% have a plan for how to get there. 

Let us get your digital transformation up and running. We will prepare a tailored roadmap with a prioritized projects list mapped to your business strategy and the stage of your technological maturity. Your action plan will be designed to optimize your organizational structures, business processes, and systems architecture (across edge, fog, and cloud tiers). And, it will be supported by a rock-solid business case that includes budgets, total costs of ownership, and ROI.


Does your cyber world perfectly mirror your physical world? It needs to if you want to successfully leverage AI to optimize your business operations.

We will help you set up your data, systems, and business processes so that the operational realities of your business precisely match  your enterprise software systems (such as ERP and EAM) and your operational technologies (such as MES, SCADA, and DCS). With a digital twin of your business completed, you will be positioned to execute your first Industry 4.0 project.


Whether you want to start with a small pilot project such as integrating EAM and production control systems or with a big project designed to support last-minute product configuration changes by self-optimizing production systems, we can help.

Our experts will assist with every stage of your implementation,  orchestrating your teams, architecting and integrating your systems, executing rigorous test plans, implementing analytics, managing change, and assuring effective training and user adoption.

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