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A proven approach to compare, evaluate, and select the right technology vendors and service partners.

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A feature-function checklist is the wrong way to select ERP software.

Finding the right-fitting software and service partners demands a delicate balance of often conflicting decision criteria. We match clients to the right ERP software by clearly defining objectives, developing a tailored due diligence plan, and evaluating software and service offerings against the 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit.


Benefit from a detailed report thoughtfully customized to your specific needs. Listed inside the report are vendors and software sourced from our research and hands-on expertise with more than 140 different systems. Applicable vendors and software are charted on a client-specific Right-Fit Quadrant. The report includes a vendor-by-vendor discussion and analysis against the 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit.


Our ‘scope first, negotiate contracts later’ approach brings our clients three important benefits. First, it allows the vendors to precisely scope the software needs for contractual pricing purposes. Second, it provides a mechanism to scope the implementation work effort, and subsequently the service agreements. Finally, it gives our clients an opportunity to assess the service team’s fit and capabilities before making any contractual commitments.


We help our clients develop and execute an evaluation plan appropriate to their informational, cost, and scheduling needs. The tools and methods are designed to ensure that our clients perform well-rounded due diligence of the 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit, including: functionality, technology, user experience, cost, supportability, software development roadmap, vendor viability / partnership, and implementation.


Establish a contractual platform to lower total cost of ownership, drive predictably scalable solutions, incent successful implementation, and protect your legal interests. Managed by our legal and business advisory team, we offer the full gamut of contract negotiations services, including: negotiations strategy, pricing benchmarks, lead negotiator, risk analysis, and drafting.

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