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Industry, ERP implementation, AI, supply chain resilience, omni-channel, and sales and marketing automation are but a few opportunities to digitally transform. But which initiatives are right for your business? When and how should you implement them? 

We cut through the complexity and hype to help you define your future, technology-enabled state of being. By systematically evaluating all aspects of your business – strategies, operations, people, and technologies – we will provide you with an action plan to achieve your business goals.

First, we will define your future-state business process and technology architecture and analyze the gaps to achieve that future state. Then, we will prepare a detailed set of plans and requirements to support ERP and technology selection, implementation, change management, and post-implementation optimization. Ultimately, you receive a comprehensive and actionable roadmap supported by a business case so that you can pursue your digital transformation with confidence in its return-on-investment.


First, we will run a current-state analysis to identify your competitively differentiating requirements and define a baseline for change. Our analysis will include a thorough evaluation of your organizational structures, information architecture and data structures, business processes, and technologies. Then, we will benchmark your current state against your peers and best-practices to build a business case and ROI for digital transformation.


Based on our analysis, we will present future state design options to deliver the twin objectives of enhancing your competitively differentiating processes and improving operations. Our customized, fit-for-purpose future state designs leverage our industry expertise and best-practice catalogs as starting points. The future-state business processes are supported by recommended changes to your organizational structures, data structures, and technology architecture.


Most future state designs include several interrelated projects that can span one to several years. We prepare an integrated program plan and governance structure designed to give you a framework to deliver the defined organizational goals and enterprise value. The plans often include projects relating to corporate structure changes, foundational readiness projects, ERP and technology selection, project implementation, and value-driving optimization.


Once the future state design concepts and preliminary plans are approved, we prepare a detailed 10-year total cost of ownership budget and cash flow forecast. The analysis is comprehensive and can be used to support board-level budget approval requests, financing applications, and project budgeting. Our cost plan can cover technology acquisition, implementation services, staffing needs, and facility and infrastructure needs.


Transformative and risky projects should be justified by a business case and return-on-investment analysis. We will prepare a case for change that aligns the program to your business’ strategic drivers. And, you can rest assured it will be supported by a cost-benefit and ROI analysis derived from a process-level analysis of opportunities to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and reduce waste.

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