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Cloud-hosted PBX vs On-premises solution:

what’s the difference?

PBXs were thought-about a viable alternative to other ways of communications because it improved the potency of communications and additionally caused a significant reduction in costs. However, towards the end of the twentieth century, internet protocol (IP) PBXs were introduced. The best advantage of internet protocol primarily based on PBX solutions or VoIP is that it allows businesses to use a similar web circuit for each data and voice traffic. There are two ways you’ll be able to implement a VoIP for your business: get a cloud-based subscription or deploy a VoIP solution on-premises.




The most obvious advantage that a cloud-based mostly VoIP solution has over its in-house counterpart is the avoid the installation and operational costs. Once you select an on-premise telephone service, you have got to get loads of hardware that involves multiple servers with a considerable quantity of interface cards. You furthermore may get to purchase technical support associated with installation and maintenance. On the opposite hand, if you opt for one among the most straightforward cloud-based VoIP phone systems, then you got to purchase internet protocol phones and use the already set up routers and switches to begin making calls. 


New Features

New features

Another vast advantage that cloud-based VoIP solutions offer businesses is the addition of the latest features. Most of the time, the company providing the services has additional resources than its customers, that makes it additionally possible to develop new features. As soon as it tests the newly developed options, it will add them to the cloud-based solution, and therefore the client will begin using them while not having to run any software system or hardware update at their finish. On the opposite hand, an on-premise solution would possibly need a client to upgrade their hardware or run multiple patches to try out new features.

3CX PBX/PABX Softphones

Invisible Brains stands top with maximum number of Enterprise Deployment and high customer satisfaction with massive comparison in different sectors in the Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , UAE and Oman. Our expertise in Enterprise Deployment has addressed all customer requirements including support for Critical Contact Centers.We have migrated lot of Clients from 3CX PRI lines to SIP. We do a Smooth migration from Etisalat and STC PRI to SIP lines for your Business at affordable 3CX pricing options.

3CX PBX/PABX Support

Our engineers have perfected the system and promoted it for our customers as a Chosen 3CX Partners with team of Advanced Trained Engineers and several productive enterprise 3CX installations. BITS Secure IT bear the load of effectively managing the deployments to ensure continuity of businesses for all our customers.

3CX SoftPhone features

The platform includes features such as smartphone apps and a Web app that lets users make and receive calls, monitor their colleague’s status, talk, schedule conferences, and access the company’s phonebook, all from their mobile devices or laptop.

In addition, it provides access to video conferencing and communication resources for virtual face-to-face meetings. With 3CX’s Live Chat and Talk Website update, businesses looking to keep a line of communication open with their customers can do so. All of this is built into the free software of 3CX Licenses. Click to download the free 3CX license here.

Choose to deploy 3CX SIP On-premise or in the Cloud

Deploy 3CX Softphone on the Cloud


  • Use the PBX Express tool to install your free Cloud PBX in minutes.
  • Select from a variety of popular cloud providers including Google, Microsoft Azure, OVH, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Light sail and more.

3CX PBX/PABX free license on-premises deployment


  • Deploy to every current Windows or Linux system
  • Deploy to a Mini PC or Raspberry Pi Device!
  • Virtualize and segregate on Hyper-V, VMware or KVM.
  • 3CX Pricing is cost effective as it fits the budget of small, medium and enterprise clients.
  • You can download the free 3CX license here.

Security & Backup


  • 3CX Phone Systems sets norm when it comes to VoIP security. We deploy large enterprise Projects in Riyadh, Jeddah ,Dammam and Bahrain. 3CX Licenses built-in security has been designed specifically to defend the PBX device from attacks.
  • Improved configuration of a stable Web server.
  • Automatic identification and blacklisting of SIP Attack tools.
  • Global IP Blacklist automatically revised for participating PBXs.
  • Traffic to 3CX apps is encrypted through the 3CX Tunnel.
  • Voice communication is encrypted through SRTP.
  • Automatic generation and management of SSL certificates.
  • Radical A+ SSL lab security.
  • Automatic instant backup failover.
  • Encryption between client and Website through HTTPS .
  • Restrict access to the IP-based 3CX management console.

Reasonable 3CX pricing


  • When using 3CX Softphones, the continuing telco cost savings will be greatly decreased and therefore the expense of buying, extending and maintaining the PBX will be minimized.
  • Reduce the Phone Bill by up to 80%.
  • Licensing depends on the amount of simultaneous calls rather than extensions.
  • Evite licensing by extension and pay through PBX instead.
  • Allow free inter-office calls and branch calls.
  • Reduce travel costs with automated video conferencing.
  • Eliminate 800 phone number bills with WebRTC integration.
  • Use International DIDs & IP Telephony to allow consumers to call at affordable rates.

3CX Softphone integration


You will take your extension everywhere you go with 3CX Softphones. You’re sure to be kept in the loop with Android and iOS devices, Windows and Mac softphones, WebRTC softphone and clientless Web conferencing. With the 3CX Live Chat & Talk app customers will easily contact you directly from your Website. Download 3CX apps on your Android / iOS Device.

Easy to Use Windows & Mac Softphones



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